22 June 2011

I suppose, an update.

Zack and I have almost been in Seattle for a month now. It really does feel like we have just been here, always. I don't know what it's like to not live here anymore, really. Not too say it has been just a beautiful time this whole month. It has been hard.
But so far..I have eaten the best food I have ever eaten in my life and continue to find great food spots. Seattle has endless great spots that I will never get too even if I lived for another hundred years.
The weather has been so great. I don't mind clouds or a little cold and I can handle rain and a lot of it.
I have met just the most amazing people and daily meet more and more solid people.
I go to a church that I love, with a preaching pastor that I love, with people that I love. And we are so blessed with the greatest worship and the greatest community.
Zack started an internship with the church AND he started a church band with a few very talented, great friends.
I have come to actually enjoy where I work for the first time since I basically started.
I stopped getting lost everyday about three weeks ago.
It has been good. But at the same time I have been so homesick.
So badly wanting comfort and a knowing of where everything is.
Missing family and friends and feeling lonely.
I don't know what is the future or if we will stay or if any of the plans we have happen. But I really don't care.
We felt so called to be here and we feel so at home here that through all of this struggle and joy we know we need to be here.
And that's that.
Oh, but I'm coming home in two weeks and I am soo excited!

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  1. So happy for you guys, missing you so much. This week I thought "I should have Ashley come over" then I remembered you can't. Hope to see you in two weeks :) <3 Love you guys so much